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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As you go about your day parenting, teaching, working, building wealth, hustling and relating with different people, I invite you to notice every word , thought, feeling and deed that comes from you and be aware of the energy and impact you are creating. Is it positive or negative?

As you notice, please ensure that you do so without blame or shame. I call this Acknowledging, the first step a winner takes when they have committed to changing an undesired reality. This kind of self examination or self work has helped me to be the woman I am today. I continue to tell myself unflinching truths, conquering my ego and building the habit of self examination. I am curious, what does winning feel like, look like and taste like for you? Please share in the comments section.

Positively Intelligent

At a personal level, winning feels like ease and flow, a full heart, having relationships that enliven my spirit, being in radical action and crossing out the tasks I said I would do, being calm and positive no matter what is going on! As a mother, winning for me means raising positively intelligent children who will be kind and full of empathy, curiosity, creativity and innovativeness, purpose- driven and action oriented. However we define winning, we can be winners both as mothers and others. If you want to play the winning game with me, mother to mother, other to other, let us keep this dialogue alive. What is one win from this winning Wednesday? I would love to hear how the assignment will be going! I look forward to birthing possibility with you. I am Coach Fran Book a Free transformational call today and let's change the narrative together.


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