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What if I told you it is possible?

Unlock a New Path: Navigating Life as a Present Father/male; Husband/partner and Worker/businessperson


Break free from societal expectations that silence men's struggles. Many men face abusive relationships, discovering they have unknowingly raised children who aren't biologically theirs. Employment challenges add to the pressure of providing and protecting the family during difficult times.

Emotional difficulties cannot be ignored. A disproportionate number of men are tragically losing their lives to suicide, highlighting the urgent need for support.

But there is hope. With Mentally Fit Fathers, you can navigate life's complexities and still be a present father, husband, and worker. Join us on this transformative journey to reclaim your happiness, nurture a thriving family, and find fulfillment in your work.


Register now to uncover the path to a brighter future. Break the silence, overcome challenges, and create a life filled with love, purpose, and success

Living on purpose.

Healthy relationships.

Inner peace.  Happiness. Success.

It is all yours if you are ready to do the weightlifting.

There's a solution!

You will build resiliency, clarify your purpose and master the 3 things you need to become mentally fit or positively intelligent and achieve your professional dreams.

Uncover the lies beneath
self-sabotaging negative chatter

During this 13 week program, you'll learn Self Care, Self Awareness, Self Love and Self Leadership
are non-negotiable and gain the power of mental fitness to transform your life.

Welcome to Mentally Fit Fathers

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In just a few months of working with coach Fran I have found clarity and have been able to overcome some mental obstacles, without her I would not have been able to achieve my goals. 
Vimbai Motsi U.S.A.

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