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Francisca Mandeya

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#1 Best-Selling Author & Transformational Coach.

Speaker. Mbira Player.

Daughter of Fire & Light.

Daughter of I AM.


My name is Francisca

I was born

girl number


in a succession of girls in 1970 in

Zimbabwe, Africa. My mother named me Ndaiziweiyi meaning Had I known? Had I known I would give birth to yet another girl? Had I known I would fail to produce the much desired boy, the heir? Had I known I would be in this much pain?

My name says it all. I was born into the energy of "you are not enough".

Science says

DNA is 50-50.

Moreover, a child grows in a mother's womb and is fed from a mother's breast.
There is no human attachment that surpasses a mother's bond to their child.

As mothers, we recognize the trauma our children experience and the lessons they learn daily when they witness abuse.  No more!

We refuse to be beaten. We refuse to be silenced. We refuse to have our children traumatized and scarred.

Today, we are collectively extinguishing Hell’s fire, claiming our divine birthright as queens—and kings—at the table of love, peace, honor and equality. 

So here I am,

changing the narrative.

You can change your narrative, too.

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"It's my core textbook when teaching gender issues. The nuggets embedded in the writing are a jewel for our children growing up with a patriarchal mindset."
Christine Mpande, Marondera, South Africa

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Do you believe that mothers are powerful? 

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We undervalue, understate, and underestimate the power of mothers.
We think the hand that stirs the pot cannot stir the country.

"Your first home is your mother's womb."

What are you using your power for?
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Let's face these questions together, head on.

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In just a few months of working with coach Fran I have found clarity and have been able to overcome some mental obstacles, without her I would not have been able to achieve my goals. 
Vimbai Motsi, U.S.A.

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