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Francisca Mandeya

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Solution Focused Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Leadership Development Trainer, Systemic Family Counselor.

Meet Coach Fran

Francisca Mandeya is a certified Solution Focused Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Leadership Development Trainer &  Systemic Family Counselor Certfied in Zimbabwe.


She holds A Masters Degree in Development Studies and A Systemic Counselling Diploma.


Francisca created CALL a life-changing journey for women and men who are ready to move from self neglect to self care, self unawareness to self awareness, self hate to self love and self sabotage to self leadership so that they clarify purpose and live their best lives.

Mental Fitness

Her Mental Fitness Coaching approach is culturally sensitive, helping clients to work on the mindset that one needs to become mentally fit.

You can expect inner peace and calm, improved performance and healthy relationships personally and professionally.

You are co-creator
Even if
you are unsure, Francisca also coaches clients who might not know which path they want to embark on and are simply seeking solutions to life's challenges.

Her toolkit enables her to handle clients from multiple disciplines and she believes she is a co-creator with the client.

Francisca supports managers, teams and individuals not only to transform professionally and ​personally but to be happy while at it. Her multidisciplinary and culturally sensitive approach helps clients authentically become the best they can be through her
wealth of knowledge:

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"It's my core textbook when teaching gender issues. The nuggets embedded in the writing are a jewel for our children growing up with a patriarchal mindset."
Christine Mpande, Marondera, South Africa

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Do you believe that mothers are powerful? 

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We undervalue, understate, and underestimate the power of mothers.
We think the hand that stirs the pot cannot stir the country.

"Your first home is your mother's womb."

What are you using your power for?
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Living on purpose. Healthy relationships. Inner peace. Happiness.

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In just a few months of working with coach Fran I have found clarity and have been able to overcome some mental obstacles, without her I would not have been able to achieve my goals. 
Vimbai Motsi, U.S.A.

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