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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Monday January 3 2022

Intention + Activation = Impact

It is the first Monday of the year 2022. Many of us are probably done writing down resolutions, plans and vision boards to get us going. If you are one of those, I celebrate you for having the courage to just do it!

I came up with the equation intention + activation= impact. I have found that when we set clear intentions as well as engage in radical action, we will likely yield the impact we desire. If not, we learn from the experience, so either way we win! I want to win this year, and I have set my intentions. Have you already set clear intentions for the year 2022? If yes, are you going to give them your full attention by engaging into activation mode? If you have not set your intentions for 2022, take time to ask yourself,---"what do you desire for the year?" You can have separate categories such as relationship, spiritual, physical fitness, mental fitness, family, work, finances etc. depending on your priorities.

Have you noticed that as the year advances, all the zest and energy may fizzle out and we can easily get back to settling for mediocrity instead of excellence? Why ?

We have a tendency to entertain negative mind chatter, the very judgy inner critique that asks us who we are to want excellence. Fear creeps in too , and we lose the confidence to execute our plans. Here is the good news: We can conquer negative chatter. We can quiet the inner critique. We can choose faith over fear and trust that the Divine will co-create possibility with us. The choice is ours to make. What choice will you make? I wish you an impactful 2022! I am Coach Fran Transformational Coach Mental Fitness Trainer Book your free Transformation call today and start a-new.

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