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Have you asked yourself the question, what if I jump?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I have asked it in many aspects of my life, and many times I have been gripped by fear.

I have found that we fear jumping but have also found that on the other side of fear is courage, confidence, trust and joy.

Today I jumped and felt good about myself. I had an interesting conversation with fear. My heart was calm, but my head was busy, analyzing. I told fear that it is a made up story of something I don't know. I pivoted away from negativity and visualized myself and family landing without incident. I told them "I love you no matter what." I had to sign the indemnity form and relinquish my rights to sue, knowing that something might happen, including death as they warned us. I dared to jump anyway, we dared to jump, and the jump was well worth it.

I dare you to jump and go for your dreams. Those scary dreams you might think are impossible to realize. You can do it! We can do it!

I was even wearing Nike running shoes and I agree with their tagline-"Just do it!"

Thank God for my husband who "treated" us to this unforgettable experience.

P/S I was in Wakanda Forever position, I forgot to open my time I will be more relaxed and alert to the shoulder tap so I can fully enjoy the craziness!

C'est La Vie! Yours truly,

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