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Author Francisca Mandeya of Mothers United: How To Write A Book That Sparks A Movement

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I had the honour of being interviewed by Authority Magazine back in 2020 for a special series on How To Write A Book That Sparks A Movement. Crazy how times flies, right? We went into details about the why, who, where, and when "it" all happened, that moment it all became clear and I knew what I had to do. From family history to Mothers United, we took a deep dive into Francisca Mandeya, Mother, Author, Teacher, Healer. Here's a little piece:

Francisca Mandeya, a powerful female voice from the stage and on paper, was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in the Canadian Archipelago. Her influence crosses continents and her vitally important message is creating an international movement of mothers who understand that the lessons they impart to the next generation can change the world. Francisca is a mother of two daughters and one son, intentionally raised as equals in her home.
Back in the seventies, across cultures, society tended to value boys more than girls, so my family was not alone in such practices and attitudes. Unaware of how patriarchy played out in our lives, my brother and I played together as equals. And we got into an equal share of trouble, too. Some of our monkey business consisted of competing in climbing trees — adventures for rural children.
I took punches for being smarter than a boy in primary school, but I punched back and won. I have learnt that at three, I already had a strong sense of self. Kaka my first cousin tells me that he witnessed me in conversation with my 7-year-old sister telling her, “I am a whole human being, I can stand up for myself.

You can read the full article here. With love,

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