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The Best App to have authentic Mbira experiences and feel its magic through connection, creation, collaboration and commerce.

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A place to learn, to teach, to exchange, to share all things Mbira.  One by one, this unique application will bring Mbira lovers from around the globe together to share what is now inscribed as an Intagible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 



Whether joining to learn or teach, to sell or buy, explore collaboration possibilities or share your art, Mbira Musika has made it simpler than ever to share your contributions to the world! Find members near you on the map.

Mbira to the World!

The Objective:

Cultural Heritage



By creating this app, we're bringing together Mbira Manufacturers, Teachers, Students and Schools, Mbira Healers, Bands, Festivals, Cultural Tourism Service Providers, Mbira Centre Verification and Authentication all in one roof!

Do you fit any of these profiles?  Want to contribute to the community? 

Let us know!  Click here to contact us.

Join The Pioneers

You're in!  Welcome to the Mbira Musika family.

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The Brewing Storm
Immerse Yourself In The Healing Power Of The Mbira
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